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silo job after restoration

In 2001, several of my brothers and I gathered the needed equipment and started building a few silos in our neighborhood. What started out as a sideline to the family farm quickly grew into a full-time trade in the silo and shotcrete industry. Please tour this website to see a small portion of the work Franklin Silo Repair has accomplished since then, from Maine to Florida and into the Midwest.

Currently Franklin Silo Repair, based in Pennsylvania, offers a wide range of silo repairsilo restoration, and shotcrete services across the eastern United States.

Franklin Silo Repair is a member of the International Silo Association as well as the American Shotcrete AssociationContact us for a free consultation/evaluation.

Our company goal is that, in every project, integrity and quality workmanship can be counted on to the success of our customers’ goals.

Ephraim Renno

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