Silo Re-Lining

Before After

At what point is it necessary to reline your silo? There are two indicators. When the concrete around the bottom is showing deterioration or the staves inside the silo are bare, it’s time to reline.

What is the shotcrete relining procedure? First, we set up scaffolding. Next, we high-pressure wash the silo from the bottom up, finishing with a thorough rinse that ensures a clean surface to which the shotcrete will bond. The shotcrete is applied at a minimum of ¾” – thicker if there is major deterioration – and given a trowel finish.

Shotcrete is a superior product that greatly serves in strengthening the structure as well as sealing off the walls that house quality feed. In certain situations we also shotcrete around the exterior of a silo if the lack of structural integrity calls for it.

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